Industries we serve

Proudly serving a range of industries where process control is critical and purity is paramount.

Biopharma & Pharmaceuticals

Micro Bio’s products play a very important role in bio pharma and pharmaceutical processes, where product purity is paramount. This is ensured through our quality systems, which include GMP controls.

Regulation in this area is among the most demanding of any industry and, we are happy to say, we meet all of the required standards for this sector. Furthermore, we are delighted to welcome inspectors or auditors who may wish to inspect our systems and procedures themselves.


Micro Bio supplies high quality, food-grade products to the dairy industry.

Traceability is increasingly important in the food industry. As Ireland’s only manufacturer of Chlor-Alkali products, delivering directly to our customers, Micro Bio guarantees full traceability, negating the supply chain risks of imported products.

Brewing & Beverage

In an industry where hygiene and process control are critical, food grade products from Micro Bio meet all the industry’s requirements.

Having Micro Bio as your local manufacturing partner ensures the highest standards of manufacture, with consistency of delivery, to safeguard your brand’s integrity.

Water treatment

Ireland has some of the best aquifers and catchment areas in the world but, once water enters a pipe network, it must be treated to protect populations from bacteria build up.

The application of Sodium Hypochlorite has proved the safest, most effective and economical method for the treatment of public drinking water supplies.

Micro Bio has a long, proven track record for the secure and continuous supply of water treatment products to drinking water facilities around Ireland.


Ireland is at the cutting edge of developments in the electronics industry. Micro Bio’s electrolysis-generated products meet the stringent demands of the many local and international manufacturers based in Ireland.

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